May 31, 2022 – Porter-Henderson’s parents divorced when she was young, and her mom moved with her and her little sister from Chicago to Mississippi. But she was always a daddy’s girl, and missed having him around for special moments while growing up.

“It’s great to have my dad back,” said Porter-Henderson, after recounting the circumstances that brought restoration. In 2018, Porter, living in a Chicago homeless shelter, called his daughter, now living in Atlanta, and said he was ready for a change and asked for her help. Porter had been struggling with substance abuse for a while, and it wasn’t the first time he had reached out. Other family members had dismissed his pleas.

“But what resonated with me this time was that he was homeless, and I wanted to do whatever I could in my power to get him out of that situation,” Porter-Henderson said.

Her father had tried Chicago treatment programs multiple times without success, so she wanted to find something different that would meet his unique needs. A national search found Hope House, a treatment facility in her own backyard that offered care for deaf men experiencing homelessness.


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