Sept. 7, 2023 – “Before [Ryan] went to rehab, [Bentley] was very concerned and very worried,” Maci told her friends about the former couple’s 15-year-old son’s reaction to his dad’s ongoing substance abuse problems. “He kept saying, ‘I don’t want him to have to deal with this alone. I’m worried about him.’ And then once he was in Texas [in rehab], like the rest of us, it’s like a breath of fresh air. We don’t have to worry for a little bit.”

However, Ryan’s decision to leave treatment — which Maci surmised was due to him wanting to be with family and have the ability to contact his lawyer amid his contentious divorce from estranged wife Mackenzie Edwards — was one that had grave consequences. On April 7, Ryan was found “unconscious and unresponsive” in his vehicle, according to an arrest affidavit obtained by Us Weekly at the time. Maci told her friends that Ryan had to be revived by Narcan — a medication that reverses opioid overdoses — twice.”