Sept. 10, 2023 – The film follows the journey of eight women from the ages of 19 to 69 years who come from different backgrounds and cultures.

It’s produced by Tami Jacobs and Anél Sherren, an addictions counsellor, who also features in the film. 

Speaking to Sara-Jayne Makwala-King, Jacobs who’s still in recovery, spoke about her personal struggles in seeking help and how this film is being used as a platform to encourage women to step forward.

During her own experience, she found that there were fewer women in treatment than men.

She attributes this to the stigma of addiction.

It’s very hard for women to admit they’re addicts. It’s like they’re saying they can’t take care of the people they’re supposed to take care of. We also found out that women don’t feel safe. They don’t know what goes into treatment and what recovery is going to be like. It’s a scary thing to take a step into the unknown.