Mar 1, 2022 – Krotulski said current trends suggest nitazenes, or any other drugs for that matter, are unlikely to surpass fentanyl in their prevalence, as Mexican cartels have a tight hold on the drug and its production and distribution into the U.S.  

But Krotulski says nitazenes are grossly underreported as they are not routinely tested for, especially when a medical examiner discovers fentanyl was present in someone who experienced a fatal overdose. Krotulski said his lab alone has had at least 1,000 identifications of nitazenes and estimates the drug may account for about 5 percent of the 100,000 fatal overdoses last year.  

“It’s small but it’s still a considerable number of deaths, it’s still a considerable number of people and families that want answers as to why their loved one is no longer alive.”