MAY 27, 2022 –  It was a nurse who first introduced Stretch to opioids

The nurse instigated the shot. I think she understood I was pretty miserable and offered me one where nobody else had. And of course I was kind of like, “I guess.” And she’s, “Okay I’m going to get you one.” So she comes back with a shot and gives it to me.

And it seemed like forever later, just sitting on the edge of the bed in the same exact spot that I was, after I sat up after she gave me the injection. It just kind of totally zoned me out.

It zoned me out, but it was an escape from the reality of my situation at the time, even though I didn’t understand it as such. I just zoned out. So it kind of gave me a mental and physical respite that I probably didn’t even recognize that I was getting at the time.

But it wasn’t a sense of “I want that again” or “Oh, I need to have that.” I just noticed something strange happening with the passing of time over this period. I realized I was loopy. But the notion that all this time had passed and I couldn’t recall being miserable during that period was interesting.  I ended up going to the Cleveland Clinic.