Abstinence Becomes Them –  

Jan. 13, 2021 – Helping smack down that notion is Danny Trejo who, at 52 years sober, recently filmed a PSA on behalf of CRI-Help, an L.A.-based nonprofit treatment center. The spot finds the former inmate turned boxer turned actor fighting his demons — literally and figuratively — in and out of the ring. “I got honest. I got clean. You can too,” Trejo says in the spot, which debuted in December.

Musselman says that the start of a new year often leads people to survey their decisions and life goals, especially after “indulging” around the holidays. But this year is different. She suggests anyone who is leaning toward recovery or even a “Dry January” to have grace for oneself, enlist a “trusted buddy” for compassionate accountability, and seek out the vast network of online resources.

“The COVID-19 pandemic is not your normal start of a new year, and that’s important to remember,” she adds. “Usual coping mechanisms are not readily available to people and can undermine their success. In-person support groups like AA, smart recovery or even friends and family support are mostly online. Gyms are closed, all social activity is limited. Even medical and mental care is restricted due to the outpouring of people who need support right now. These are critical components to many people who need extra support to start the path of recovery off successfully.”



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