Covid Wing Available –  

Jan. 13, 2021 – According to State Epidemiologist Dr. Benjamin Chan, on Dec. 3, there were 13 coronavirus infections in residents and 14 among staff at the center. By Dec. 22, the number of infections reported at the center had risen to 103 (67 residents, 36 staffers). The person noted that the hotel’s website has been under construction for a year and that the phone number is always busy. She said website reviews only occur on holidays and conjectured that perhaps they let a few guests stay there occasionally to keep up the “facade.”

“Also, their vans, about 4-5 of them at a time, drive so fast down our otherwise quiet street. Also, neighbors closer to the facility report increased traffic on Sundays (visiting days) as well as middle of the night clearing of the building to check for suspected contraband which is very noisy and disruptive. Everyone on Artist Falls Road knows this is NOT a hotel unless there is some loophole they are operating under.”

Asked about the neighbor’s complaint, Holmes said: “The town is already looking into it. We initiated an investigation as soon as we were told of an upcoming story on NHPR (which has since been published) regarding the number of (COVID) positives at the company’s rehab facilities around the state and that they were being sent to the Forest Glen Inn for quarantine.



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