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MAR 20, 2019 – “High-potency cannabis contributes to incidence of psychotic disorder but doesn’t explain it completely,” said lead author Dr. Marta Di Forti. In other words, these scientists and previous one who’ve studied it can see a clear link between cannabis—particularly extra-strength cannabis—and psychosis, but have not figured out exactly how the dots connect. Genetics could also play a part, for example. As always, more research is necessary. The study was published Tuesday in the journal the Lancet Psychiatry. … 

Researchers compared over 900 patients with first-time psychosis with over 1,200 non-patients in five European countries and Brazil. Among the patients, 30 percent reported using cannabis daily, while only 7 percent of the non-patients did. Patients were also more likely to use highly potent weed than non-patients. The research team estimated that weed could play a part in one out of every five new cases of psychosis, and one in 10 cases could be tied to the extra strong stuff, reports CNN.

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