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May 26, 2019 – Out of context, the post just sounds like a crude punchline to justify binge drinking. But on the Fat Jewish’s page, which is 10.4-million followers strong, it struck a relatable note for many, earning more than 400,000 likes.  Memes thrive across social media for their ability to recast less-than-ideal everyday behaviors into funny and relatable nuggets that can be shared with friends in two clicks. Accounts that recycle material that makes light of obsessing over food, alcohol, and romantic partners creates a dangerous echo chamber that can encourage unhealthy behavior, says Alexa Cook, the therapist behind @sobergrind, a meme page that plays on the funny side of the often unflattering reality behind getting sober. “[Mainstream meme pages are] not helping people, they’re keeping people sick,” Cook said. “They’re fun and funny and even I share them with my friends, but we need something different, in my opinion. Our culture needs to be healthy.”   “One of my friends started a meme account and it’s always inspiring shit and I was like I don’t need inspiring s—,” Cook said. “I don’t need your f—— positive energy, I’m feeling my emotions and humor is a huge coping tool I use.”

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