May 19, 2022 – Riverside police say their investigation started on Tuesday afternoon after they were called to the school to deal with an incorrigible student.

“This is the type of school that has kids with special needs and cognitive and behavioral struggles, so it’s not necessarily uncommon for us to respond like that,” said Riverside Police Officer Ryan Railsback.

But upon arriving on campus their investigation took a different direction. “While they were there, some staff members approached the officers to let them know of their suspicions of another employee possibly furnishing fentanyl to some students.”

Police then brought in their narcotics team, which learned that a student had recently overdosed on suspected fentanyl the week before at their home in another city. That student was revived by paramedics and will recover.

Later, police said their investigation revealed Harloam-Garrison was believed to have distributed the fentanyl to students on campus, including to the student who overdosed.