May 14, 2023 – The former WWE Superstar has endured a lot of difficulties in her life already and despite all the adversities, Saraya has managed to preserve and come out a better person because of them.

In the past few years, Saraya has gone through numerous trials and tribulations, especially due to her substance abuse issues and depression. Naturally, she overcame all those obstacles. Saraya took to her Instagram and uploaded a post, where she reflected on her recovery from alcohol and addiction issues via before and after photos of herself, which served as a major inspiration for many. Yearly reminder of how grateful I am to not be in that place and state of mind again. I do not miss the feeling of how drugs and alcohol made me feel and I wake up everyday in a beautiful home with my beautiful boyfriend, our zoo (haha) a beautiful family and a beautiful small group of friends. I appreciate them all for sticking beside me and encouraging me to be the best version of myself.