May 17, 2023 – The Buena Park City Council voted 4-0 at its May 9 meeting to impose stricter regulations on group homes.

This proposal came after resident complaints of construction during early-morning and late-evening hours, secondhand smoke, noise, loitering, trash, traffic and other aspects of the homes that residents say are not compatible with single-family neighborhoods.

Councilmember Susan Sonne first brought the item forward at the council’s March 14 meeting after discussing the issue with residents from Blue Bell Drive — a street that includes a group home with over a dozen residents.

“I actually went out and met with a large group of the neighbors in that area and heard their concerns and heard about someone finding someone in their front yard who had a needle in their arm taking drugs and people who have been accosted getting out of their cars going into their homes,” Sonne said at the council’s March 14 meeting. 

“I’ve heard some of the comments from residents inside that there are 13 or more residents inside with one working bathroom, very close quarters. I have concerns both for the safety and fear of the homes around this residence – as well as the quality of life and protection of the resident inside this facility.”