March 21, 2024  -For Kayla Rath, a correctional officer in the armed forces, this method has made a major difference in her life — both at work and at home. I can say that in the two months since I’ve used the ASP treatment, I’ve been happier, I’ve been healthier, I’ve been more willing and able to go leave the house and do things, and my sleep has improved, which obviously, quality of sleep impacts your daily routine.”

Rath says if you have a high stress job, ASP may help reduce tension.

“Law enforcement, EMS, people who work in those high-stress environments, even nurses can benefit from ASP, again those careers have a lot of adrenaline, a lot of fight or flight, a lot of anxious moments,” explained Rath. 

“With ASP, I’ve noticed a difference in when I go to work. I’m not as hypervigilant; I’m more relaxed.”

However, Frohlich says there are limitations.. to the ASP method, as it won’t completely solve your issues.

“So it’s not going to be like a full ‘you’re going to be cured,’ but it will be better than taking an opioid,” noted Frohlich.