Sept. 14, 2023 – Last week, Gibson and his girlfriend made headlines after police arrested the couple in a Walmart parking lot. Authorities said that the pair had drugs in their car and that Gibson’s girlfriend feared Myla, their 8-week-old puppy, had somehow ingested fentanyl during the arrest. Police treated the dog with Narcan — a brand of the overdose-reversing drug naloxone — and said the animal “immediately began to recover.”

Then they sent the case to the district attorney’s office for suspected drug possession and animal cruelty, but so far no charges have been filed. On Tuesday, Sgt. Karie Davies maintained that the animal had overdosed even though they have not found proof of drugs in its system. She said that a sample of the dog’s blood had been sent to a laboratory for further testing.

“We know it was fentanyl in the car, that’s confirmed,” Davies told The Times. “The dog was overdosing, so whether the tests come back negative or not is irrelevant.”

She confirmed that Gibson owed the city money, adding, “If he does pay the fees, he would be the owner of the dog.”