Sept. 13, 2023 – Ntalami went on to laud the publication for helping celebrate her win and putting a smile on her mom’s face.

“‘Attitude of Gratitude.’ Hey. How is everyone here doing? Lately, I’ve been both feeling and practising a lot of gratitude. And it’s starting to do wonders for my life!  For the things that I’m grateful for and able to share with the world, I promised myself I will go ahead and give the universe that credit out loud.” started out the entrepreneur.

Ntalami went on to add how when sharing her decision to go zero alcohol with her fans she hadn’t expected it to be picked up and publicized so beautifully by the media.

“I recently shared on my decision to stop alcohol. I was amazed to see that it was received with so much love and positivity, especially from the media! My Mom knew about my decision, but when she saw the article, she was elated!


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