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May 24, 2016                   Treatment Industry & Recovery Community News                   Vol. 3., No. 41
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Supply and Demand, Deaths Be Damned
AMA Blasts Price Increase for Life-saving Anti-overdose Drug     

According to a recent report released by U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal, in 2009, naloxone in the form used most commonly by police departments and first responders cost $13-$15 per dose. That price has increased to $37-$54 for the same dose. The price of naloxone – which comes in several different forms, including a nasal spray and an injection – has also become an issue of concern for Connecticut lawmakers. Last September, Attorney General George Jepsen sent a letter to California drug-manufacturer Amphastar Pharmaceuticals, questioning why its price for naloxone had increased.

Being the Change He Wants to See  VIDEO
16-year-old boy shares story of surviving his parents’ drug addiction  VIDEO 

When he was just 10 years old, Zaine noticed something was different. He said his parents spent a lot of time in their room with the door locked. The curious young boy climbed up on top of the water heater to peek in their bedroom window. He said he will never forget that image.

Bill Resnick Chairman of the Board until…
Beit T’Shuvah board to meet amid dispute between new CEO and  longtime leadership May 16     

The Board of Directors of Beit T’Shuvah, one of the nation’s premier Jewish addiction treatment centers, will meet Tuesday in the wake of an email sent to all employees by new CEO Bill Resnick on the morning of Sunday, May 15. The email, titled, “Cleaning house,” informed Beit T’Shuvah’s 116 employees that its key leadership, including founder Harriet Rossetto and spiritual leader Rabbi Mark Borovitz, had been fired.

I Hope He Has Insurance
Puppy Treated for Drug Addiction Tested Positive for Heroin, Meth     

A puppy who was found to be under the influence of meth and heroin had to undergo drug addiction treatment, CNN reports. California police served an arrest warrant on 40-year-old Joshua West at a motel in March. Inside the motel, they found drugs, used needles, and a terrier mix named Bubba. According to CBS Los Angeles, Bubba was lethargic…

We’d All Be Happy
Antidepressant Drugs Not That Effective 

Australia has one of the highest rates of antidepressant use in the world, with more than one in 10 people using the drugs – double the rate from the year 2000. A new report in the Medical Journal of Australia said while use of antidepressants was continuing to rise, there was growing evidence the drugs were not as effective as once thought.

Or Do You Want to Be Free?
‘Do you want to die? … Or do you want to be OK?’     

The disease is alcoholism, which not only runs in families but in certain professions. Journalism is one, let me assure you. And law is another. A study published earlier this year of 12,825 attorneys by the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation and the American Bar Association found that 20 percent of attorneys engage in “hazardous, harmful and potentially alcohol-dependent drinking.” That’s one in five, twice the average for people in general. “Lawyers are more likely to be problem drinkers,” said Patrick Krill, director of the Legal Professionals Program at Hazelden and one of the study authors. “It’s a very stressful environment with an abundance of alcohol.”

Write Your Own Caption 
AAC execs unload $700K+ worth of shares 

MAY 11, 2016 Chairman and CEO Michael Cartwright pocketed a little more than $450,000 thanks to the sale last Thursday of more than 20,500 shares of the Brentwood-based company he built and took public. Cartwright still directly and indirectly controls almost 24 percent of the company, a stake that’s worth more than $120 million.


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Prevention?  VIDEO
Opioid epidemic: New ways to fight pain and addiction CBS VIDEO     

Retired New York City bus driver Ronald Ruiz, 70, clutched a wooden cane and occasionally grimaced with pain as he shuffled with difficulty around the cluttered, colorful house he had lived in his whole life.

Contempt Prior to Investigation?
For Treatment-Resistant Depression, Mushroom Drug Holds Promise     

Psilocybin, the psychedelic compound in ‘magic’ mushrooms, may be an effective way to treat depression in patients that have seen no benefit from other, standard forms of treatment, early results suggest. In a pilot study involving just 12 people with treatment-resistant depression, two doses of the mushroom compound cleared symptoms in eight participants-67 percent-after one week. After three months and no other doses, seven participants still reported reduced depressive symptoms, including five-42 percent-who reported complete remission of their depression.

Chocolate for Sale – Sweet & Raw

Gaining Ratings VIDEO
‘Biggest Loser’ Contestant Claims Trainers Encouraged Drug Use, Vomiting to Lose Weight VIDEO     

Dr. Rob Huizenga, the on-set medical specialist for contestants, responded to the claims with a vehement denial, saying The Biggest Loser would never encourage drug abuse … Then there’s the story of Rachel Frederickson, who lost what some said was too much weight during Season 15. The former athlete showed up at the finale weighing in at just 105 pounds, shocking viewers with her tiny frame and prompting rumors about anorexia. Two months later, Rachel spoke to Us Weekly and said-

Cocaine Drips Off List
Top 10 Drugs Abused by High School Srs. 

While tobacco and alcohol abuse has declined, marijuana use remains high. And many high schoolers abuse prescription drugs such as Vicodin. Though the National Institutes of Health’s Monitoring the Future survey shows alcohol, cigarette and illicit drug abuse by high schoolers has declined over the last 20 years, marijuana use remains high. As of 2014, nearly 34 percent of high school seniors had said they used marijuana in the past year.

An International Organization
Want to quit drinking? Walk into AA special meet today     

The Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), a worldwide fellowship of over 3 million recovering alcoholics, will achieve another milestone in the tricity with the AA’s Samarpan Group, Panchkula, celebrating 20 years of its existence at Little Flower School, Sector 14, on May 22 … It would be a big day for hundreds of sober alcoholics and their families as they would join together for a grand celebration in an attempt to create awareness about alcoholism as a disease and help helpless alcoholics to kick the bottle…

Staying Alive…
Sober-living Home Slated for Closure  Eyed by another Rehab operator     

City spokesman Tony Dodero said Clean Path Recovery, based in Costa Mesa, is seeking a state license to operate a rehab facility at 973 Arbor St. and house up to six tenants there. The home is one of 15 that Solid Landings Behavioral Health, another Costa Mesa-based sober-living operator, agreed to close by this week as part of an agreement reached last month with the city. Costa Mesa contains an estimated 172 sober-living facilities … Sober-living homes have long been a source of frustration for Costa Mesa residents who contend they disrupt…

In Case You Don’t Know Already
How to tell if you’re at risk for drug and alcohol addiction     

BY DR. DAVID SAMADI Factors affecting the likelihood of drug and/or alcohol addiction are many. It can affect people of any age, sex or economic status. But certain elements do affect the likelihood and speed of developing an addiction:

Another Happy Ending?
Sobriety leads columnist to suicidal thoughts, God     

So in 1996 I made it, white-knuckling, with some days easier than others, three months’ sober. People suggested this proved success, that not drinking was good for me. But people who suggest mere sobriety is the solution for the alcoholic say things like this: “At least he died sober,” talking of a man, obviously in anguish, who had hanged himself in jail. (I really heard that spoken. Renders me speechless.) No. Twenty years ago, at three months’ sober, this happened to me: “It was a dark and lonely place…


MEDIA: Book Review
Former Self-Destructive Alcoholic Reveals How She Traversed the Road to a Life of Sobriety     

But as long as we live, there is hope. As a testament to that, an autobiography was recently published by author Deborah O’Brien this year. Her book, Bliss: Behind the Mask, not only tells her life experiences and her alcohol addiction, but also teaches readers how to cope with stress the right way, how to improve relationships with others and with themselves, and how to find the “bliss” from within.


Go Make a Movie
REEL Recovery Film Festival 

is a social, educational, networking and recovery forum showcasing first-time filmmakers and experienced professionals who make films about addiction and recovery. Our audience is treatment professionals, people in recovery, members of the entertainment industry, media representatives, educated moviegoers and the general public.


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Oy, gevalt!
Beit T’Shuvah transitions leadership again as new CEO Departs  May 18     

Beit T’Shuvah – one of the nation’s premier addiction treatment residences-announced a leadership turnover on May 17, less than two months after appointing Bill Resnick, a psychiatrist, philanthropist and longtime board member, as its new CEO. Resnick, 51, resigned from the job, according to a Beit T’Shuvah press release…The developments, which played out over five days, were particularly striking given how recently Beit T’Shuvah’s longtime leaders-founder Harriett Rossetto and spiritual leader Rabbi Mark Borovitz-had spoken optimistically about Beit T’Shuvah’s future under Resnick’s leadership.

Booze Hound?
5 Reasons to Re-examine the use of the Label ‘ALCOHOLIC’ 

1. It creates fear by classifying alcohol addiction as incurable.
Alcoholics Anonymous, or AA, our most popular alcoholism treatment method, asserts there is no cure for this lifelong disease – only continued remission achieved through complete abstinence. Yet according to a study by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA), more than one-third of individuals with alcohol addiction fully recover.

In The USA too?
Psychiatric drugs killing more users than heroin, cocaine     

Clonazepam, the generic form of Klonopin, and lorazepam, the generic form of Ativan, are popular sedatives used to treat anxiety and sleep disorders. They belong to a class of drugs called benzodiazepines, which are widely used across Canada. In a pair of new Vancouver-based studies, benzodiazepines have been linked with higher mortality rates than illegal drugs, such as heroin or cocaine.

How Does This Happen?
Hundreds Rescued from Drug Rehab in Mexico     

Police found 271 people at the shelter, called “Spiritual Awakening, Alcoholics and Drug Addicts of the West,” in the city of Tonalá in the western state of Jalisco. The alleged victims were living in what authorities described as “inhumane conditions.” Police found 68 women, 91 men and 112 minors crammed into the facility.

The MAP Recovery Network Welcomes English Mountain Recovery to its Expanding Membership     

MAP Recovery Network Behavioral Health Population Management Platform, announced today that English Mountain Recovery has joined the Premier Outcomes-Driven Provider Network. By joining the MAP Recovery Network, English Mountain further differentiates itself…

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We Need Our Vitamin C
Heavy Alcohol Consumption Causing Long-Term Digestive Issues     

The pancreas isn’t an organ we think about too often, but that doesn’t mean it’s not important…

Don’t We All?
Zac Efron Talks: I Used to ‘Get Up and Google’ Myself Every Morning     

Zac Efron is coming clean about his past struggles with addiction, and how he’s found renewed focus in his life.  The Neighbors 2 actor has been honest about his personal battles since entering rehab in 2013, but in a new interview with Elle magazine, Efron, 28, opened up about some of the reasons behind seeking treatment – and how his life has changed since getting sober.


Almond Joy?
The Party Drug That Will Give You a Sweet High     

Skepticism aside, cacao can act as a “catalyst for having more life,” says May, rather than “numbing ourselves with beer.” And “in all my years in research, I have never seen a person not smile when enjoying a piece of chocolate,” adds Kwik-Uribe. Admittedly, she has a vested interest – but on the other hand, we can’t imagine a party that can’t be improved by chocolate.

Game of Porns
Many struggle with the dark side of technology: Internet addiction    

Other countries, however, do officially recognize some forms of Internet addiction as serious conditions. In South Korea, Internet addiction has a formal definition; there, students are diagnosed and sent to government treatment centers. In China, militaristic government “boot camps” have treated millions of children. Japan, too, has tested an Internet “fasting camp” for young people.

The Tracks of Friend’s Tears  VIDEO
Smokey Robinson Speaks Candidly About Drug Addiction at MusiCares Benefit VIDEO 

Soon after Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds left the stage, he received a standing ovation from Robinson, Gordy and Magic Johnson, who was also sitting front and center, along with actress Angela Bassett, who later presented Robinson with his award. With the crowd still standing, emcee Cedric the Entertainer quipped…

Scandal Again?
Former ‘Scandal’ Star Columbus Short to Enter Rehab     

The former Scandal actor is reportedly heading to rehab, according to BET. A source close to the actor confirms that Short will be attending an outpatient facility in the Los Angeles area for around 4 to 6 months. He’ll have to report to the facility a few times a week, and will be subject to random drug testing. He’s been given additional community service to complete, and is subject to jail if he violates probation again.


As Deadly As Dope?
Fizzy drink adverts should contain health warnings     

Billboard advertisements for fizzy drinks should feature mandatory health warnings to help tackle nation’s “escalating obesity epidemic”, a pressure group has argued. The Government should introduce legislation making it mandatory for companies advertising fizzy drinks to include messages highlighting the health risks associated with consuming sugary beverages, according to Action on Sugar, a charity comprising specialists…

Weed For WARriors
Congress Clears Way For Veterans To Get Medical Marijuana    

The House of Representatives voted Thursday to allow Veterans Administration doctors to recommend medical marijuana to their patients in states where the treatment is legal … Medical marijuana is legal in 24 states as well as the District of Columbia. The House passed the amendment, which is attached to the 2017 military appropriations bill, in a 233-189 vote. Later Thursday, the Senate passed a massive spending bill including similar language on medical marijuana.

Will It?
Opioid prescriptions are declining. Will it ease the addiction epidemic?     

In America’s opioid epidemic, a news analysis of several sources reflects a glimmer of hope. For the first time in two decades, the number of opioid prescriptions has declined, an analysis of data by The New York Times found Friday.

Understanding and Compassion
Steve Topple: We can’t help addicts if we don’t understand them     

CommonSpace columnist Steve Topple takes us on the very personal journey of his battle with addiction. I LOVED Amy Winehouse – and anyone who knows me, knows I ‘don’t do’ the whole culture of celebrity. But Amy was something special. As someone who was brought up surrounded by music (my father was a professional jazz musician), she was up there with the best. Billie Holiday, Sarah Vaughan, Ella Fitzgerald. And Amy.

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