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May 17, 2016                   Treatment Industry & Recovery Community News                   Vol. 3., No. 40
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A Giant Has Fallen VIDEO
John Bradshaw, Self-Help Evangelist Who Called to the ‘Inner Child,’ Dies at 82 VIDEO 

John Bradshaw, whose ideas about family dysfunction and the damaged “inner child” concealed within most adults made him one of the most popular and influential self-help evangelists of the 1990s, died on Sunday in Houston … In his television shows on PBS and in books like “Bradshaw On: The Family” (1986) and “Homecoming: Reclaiming and Championing Your Inner Child” (1990), he argued that millions of adults fail to achieve healthy relationships because they’ve never come to terms with the shame, self-blame and “toxic guilt” caused by parental abuse, physical or emotional.

Will Americans Get Their Way? VIDEO
Americans Oppose Fast Approvals, Want Drug Ads Off TV VIDEO     

Spending on drug ads has jumped by 30 percent, to $4.5 billion, since 2013, according to market research firm Kantar Media. The AMA noted that the United States and New Zealand were the only countries in the world that allow direct-to-consumer ads for prescription medication.

Supa Natural
Recovery Unplugged’s Richie Supa Releases ‘Enemy,’ A Collection Of Songs About Recovery From Addiction     

Richie Supa today released “Enemy,” a record album of songs about recovery from addiction. Supa is an award-winning singer/songwriter who’s written and/or co-written hits for Aerosmith, Richie Sambora, Gladys Knight & The Pips, Alexandra Guzman, Air Supply, Ozzy Osbourne, P!NK, Big Kenny and Willy Nelson, among many others. At 71, he is a recovering addict, clean for 27 years…

Fight the Powers That Be
Watch Macklemore and President Obama Talk About Drug Addiction    

The Grammy-Award winning artist, in a Saturday cameo on Obama’s weekly radio address, issued a deeply personal message to those battling opioid addictions. “I’m here with President Obama because I take this personally,” Macklemore said. “If I hadn’t gotten the help I needed when I needed it, I might not be here today. And I want to help others facing the same challenges I did.”

Letter to the Miami Herald
Addiction to opiods a global epidemic        

Recently, Saturday Night Live and Julia Louis-Dreyfus were criticized for a controversial skit that some said made light of opiod addiction, yet many clearly missed the point. SNL was only highlighting the sad reality that addiction has moved into our living rooms and attempting to quash the myth that the disease is isolated to back alleys, shooting galleries and crack houses.
by Fred Menachem


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The Mystery of Life
Former Bachelor Contestant Lex McAllister Died of a Drug Overdose     

Bachelor contestant Lex McAllister died as the result of a drug overdose, officials say. According to a coroner’s report obtained by E! News, McAllister, 31, died of “acute intoxication by the combined effects of amlodipine and acetaminophen in the manner of suicide.” McAllister died Feb. 16 surrounded by family in a Columbus, Ohio hospital, where she was taken after a suicide attempt. She was known for competing on Jake Pavelka’s season of The Bachelor in 2010 … McAllister’s family urged anyone struggling with thoughts of suicide to reach out to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, which is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week at 1-800-273-8255.


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More Trauma for the Traumatized
MAT for Addiction Cut Short When People Are Incarcerated     

Most jails and prisons do not provide medication-assisted treatment for opioid addiction. Experts tell NPR that for inmates who are forced to detox from methadone, tolerance for opioids decreases, while cravings increase. This raises their risk of overdose after they are released. The World Health Organization recommends continued methadone treatment for people who are incarcerated. In the United States, pregnant women are the only inmates likely to be allowed continued treatment with methadone or buprenorphine. Withdrawal from opioids can cause miscarriage, the article notes.

Sexy Self Proclaimed Messiah VIDEO
Russell Brand talks of addiction battle as he visits first Birmingham’s dry bar VIDEO 

Comedian turned Hollywood actor Russell Brand made a surprise visit to Digbeth to give his support to a new dry bar in the city.
Recovery Central, a new £1 million centre to help people to recover from drink and drug addictions, has opened in Allcock Street.

Speaking from the heart about his own “one day at a time recovery”, former heroin addict Brand said the way forward was not t

England Medicates
National Health Service spends record £3.9m of taxpayer’s money on pills for alcoholics     

Last year it dished out almost 4,000 prescriptions every week at a cost of £3.9million to people battling their addiction to drink. Some of the prescriptions were for medicine that makes the body reject even the smallest trace of alcohol. Others try to stop patients craving alcohol or help cope with withdrawal.

Wished You Had Watched It Now?
Recovery Road Won’t Recover for a Second Season     

Recovery Road, a show you should have been watching but probably weren’t, won’t be returning for a second season. The show, which aired on Freeform, a.k.a. the channel formerly known as ABC Family, concerned a teen girl dealing with addiction and transitioning to life in a sober facility.

Science May One Day Do So…
Research on Boozing Bugs Aims to Find Breakthroughs on Alcoholism Treatment  

Few people would imagine they had anything in common with a fruit fly. But researchers have found that studying these tiny insects can reveal surprising insights into human beings, including memory, learning and alcohol addiction. It turns out that, like people, many fruit flies are drawn to alcohol. And, like people, they can get very drunk. “It’s pretty funny actually,” said Alfredo Ghezzi, a neuroscientist who has become an expert in getting fruit flies to consume alcohol. “They fly erratically, and then start stumbling, and eventually they pass out.

As Common as Insulin?
Ohio urges drug users’ loved ones to get overdose antidote     

The effort targets 15 counties hit hard by overdose deaths related to fentanyl. The synthetic painkiller can be laced with heroin or disguised to look like less powerful painkillers, and its prescription form used to treat chronic pain is far more potent than heroin.

Role Reversal
Once plagued by PTSD and drug addiction, Corey Reid has a new role 

On a hot June Sunday when he was two, Corey Reid was with his aunt beside the pool deck of the apartment building that his parents managed in London, Ont. A naked man jumped from the top of the building and landed, fatally, inches from him. “He is too young to have any memories,” his 18-year-old mother was told, so no help was given to deal with the grisly trauma.

Betting on the Youth
Children on Twitter being ‘bombarded’ by gambling ads 

Betting sites are indeed age-gated and as such don’t allow anyone under the age of 18 to sign up, however the National Problem Gambling Clinic has noted that regular exposure to this type of media can “normalise” gambling behaviour.  Studies also indicate that youths being served these ads are more likely to try to enter bookmakers or gamble when they hit 18.

ATTN: Los Angeles Area
Jobs Available at SHARE in Los Angeles     

If you love self-help support groups, are open-minded, willing to work hard and learn a lot, SHARE! is the right place to work. Working at SHARE! offer many opportunities to build community, inspire personal growth and change and connect people with self-help support groups, housing, jobs and volunteer opportunities. Self-help support groups of every kind, including 12-step groups, are at the heart of SHARE!’s work.


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Go Make a Movie
REEL Recovery Film Festival 

is a social, educational, networking and recovery forum showcasing first-time filmmakers and experienced professionals who make films about addiction and recovery. Our audience is treatment professionals, people in recovery, members of the entertainment industry, media representatives, educated moviegoers and the general public.


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Dr. says “Suboxone is NOT Addictive”

Treating Drug Addiction with Drugs  VIDEO 

“You’re off the narcotic pills and it does this without causing addiction to itself,” says Dr. Lee. Opponents of Suboxone say the drug is a pacifier or an enabler and that the patient is only substituting one drug for another. Dr. Lee says that’s not true. “People don’t crave Suboxone, I don’t have patients calling me saying they need a higher dose or more Suboxone,” says Lee.

Proud and Happy
Man gives up alcohol for 500 days and ‘looks 15 years younger’ after incredible weight loss     

After six months of sobriety, he posted on Reddit: “I’ve tried quitting numerous times before this. I started blacking out more frequently and it started to scare me. This time I actually committed.” One person said: “You look so much younger and fitter!” while another commented: “You look fifteen years younger.” He had advice for anyone else wishing to give up drinking, saying: “One day at a time. Set small achievable goals. Exercise and eat right.

Old Fu*kers Too
Philadelphia Doctors Charged In $5M Prescription Drug Bust  VIDEO     

The indictment identifies the alleged ring leader as Dr. Alan Summers, 78, of Ambler, Pa. and his alleged cohorts as Drs. Azad Khan, 63, of Villanova, Pa. and Keyhosrow Parsia, 79, of Ridley Park, PA … According to a federal indictment, three doctors illegally sold over $5 million worth of prescription drugs out of their now-defunct Philadelphia clinic on South Broad Street. “These are doctors…are contributing to this absolute crisis in our society,”

Catcher in the Rye on Cliffside
Author Richard Taite on Opiates (not weed) with Bill Maher VIDEO 
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From the Ashes
US Drug Overdose Epidemic Has Made It Easier to Get an Organ Transplant     

There’s a bleak silver lining to America’s ongoing opioid epidemic: So many organ donors are dying from drug overdoses that sick people are now more likely to receive a lifesaving transplant than in years past.

No More Closets  VIDEO
Atlanta News Anchor to Reveal that she’s an Alcoholic VIDEO     

An Atlanta news anchor who has been on the air for three decades will address her battle with alcoholism for the first time in an on-air special. Amanda Davis will appear on a CBS Atlanta special on Tuesday to talk about her struggle, and can be seen in a preview for the episode saying: ‘I’m Amanda Davis. I’m an alcoholic.’ Davis, 60, has been arrested multiple times over the past few years for alcohol-related incidents, being charged with driving while intoxicated at least three times.  

Ohio Jail Lets Heroin Addict Die From Dehydration 

Jason Pittman was arrested Sept. 13 on a probation violation, and he tested positive for marijuana and opiates when he was booked into the Warren County Jail, reported the Cincinnati Enquirer. The 25-year-old Pittman frequently vomited at the jail and was unable to keep down water when it was provided to him, the lawsuit alleges.

Very Low Tolerance
Chronic Pain May Trigger Many Cases of Painkiller Addiction     

“Pain should be treated as part of the long-term strategy for recovery,” said Alford. “If drugs are being used to self-medicate pain, patients may be reluctant to decrease, stop or remain abstinent if their pain symptoms are not adequately managed with other treatments including non-medication-based treatments.”


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It’s An Inside Job
Heather King and Addiction as Spiritual Thirst     

Heather King’s discusses her memoir, converting to Catholicism, leaving the law and freedom. In 2006, author Heather King published her book, Parched. The memoir focused on the two decades of her life she spent as an active alcoholic. Parched has been featured as a favorite addiction memoir by many…

Reduce Self Harm – Get Clean VIDEO
Legal highs: Spice addiction ‘made me punch myself’ VIDEO     

Grace has a friendly, intelligent personality and is a gifted artist. But four years ago she became addicted to Spice, a form of synthetic cannabis, and it took control of her life. The 18-year-old left home after a breakdown in relationships with her family and ended up on the street, living in doorways, squats and tents – wherever she found room.

Children Will Listen
Children’s Brains ‘Light Up’ at Sound of Mom’s Voice     

When moms spoke, several areas of their children’s brains were activated, the researchers reported. These included regions involved in emotion and reward processing, social functions, facial recognition and the detection of what is personally relevant. But this heightened neurological reaction was reserved for mom alone, and not for other women…


Where To Spend Marketing $$$ Wisconsin
Drunkest (and Driest) Cities in America     

Across the country, the share of adults who drink to excess varies widely. While nationwide, 18% of adults drink unhealthy amounts of alcohol on average, only 9.2% do in Provo-Orem, Utah, and as many as 26.8% do in Appleton, Wisconsin. To identify the drunkest and least drunk cities in the United States, 24/7 Wall St. reviewed self-reported binge and heavy drinking rates among adults in U.S. metro areas from County Health Rankings & Roadmaps.

In Los Angeles? GO!
Noho Play Tells Story Behind Co-Founders of Alcoholics Anonymous  VIDEO     

ABC7’s George Pennacchio knew he was in for something different when he walked into the final rehearsal for a play about the men who founded Alcoholics Anonymous … The play is part education and part celebration. So, how will the cast and crew of a play about AA celebrate on opening night? Cast member Carol Stanzione said there won’t be any wine and cheese, just “lots of coffee, lots of sugar and lots of conversation. I mean, how great is that?”

Crash Test Dummy?
Eugene Monroe Donates $80K for Medical Marijuana Research for NFL Players    

…Eugene Monroe … recognizes the benefits of cannabidiol (CBD) for pain management and Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) and fully supports this research that could help professional and amateur athletes as well as anyone suffering from neurodegenerative diseases. Eugene hopes that his actions will influence the NFL in changing their policy on cannabis and recognize it as a viable treatment option.

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