Aug. 17, 2023 – Part of the nonprofit’s the Way Out program, a fundraising initiative and treatment apparatus with the goal of expanding drug treatment access in San Francisco, the planned treatment program in SoMa is geared toward providing job assistance and eventually transitioning clients into independent living. 

The charity is lobbying the city to help fund the programs and others that it believes can help people recover from addiction. 

Darren Norton, a divisional commander with the Salvation Army, said the Harrison Street project is in its very early stages.

“We’re exploring things with the city to see if it’s something they would approve,” he said. “We don’t want to go to our donors and get them excited if it’s not going to meet the city’s requirements for housing.”

Fatal overdoses are occurring at a record rate in San Francisco, with 473 people dying due to drugs over the first seven months of this year, according to preliminary data from the Chief Medical Examiner’s Office.