Nov. 28, 2022 – Other states, such as Florida and Pennsylvania, have legalized cannabis for medicinal purposes. 

The Gallup analysis buttresses a recent study by Temple University researchers published in the journal Addictive Behaviors. 

“Following recreational legalization: adolescent and young adult past-month cannabis use prevalence increased,” the study said. 

The researchers warned about an increase in addictive pot smoking or “cannabis use disorder” that was going untreated. 

“Among young adults, an association of higher cannabis use prevalence with lower CUD treatment admissions emerged,” the study said. 

Opponents of marijuana legalization said their fears have come to pass. 

“Marijuana use was on a decades-long decline thanks to the concerted work of prevention efforts, but the legalization and commercialization of marijuana is threatening to erase those public health gains,” said Kevin Sabet, president of the group Smart Approaches to Marijuana.


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