Nov. 29, 2022 – In the age of social media, online shopping and unlimited streaming, we have a constant stream of content readily available to us in various formats. Pornhub. Twitter, Shein, YouTube, Tiktok; stimulation is consistently at our fingertips. It’s not like we haven’t heard this argument before, that too much time on our phones is bad for us. But this is not the argument I am making.

Truthfully, I think social media is not an inherently bad thing, it has the capacity to connect people and allows for expression. I don’t think all porn is evil. The problem I’m addressing here isn’t the content; I’m not going to rehash the well-worn, even at times condescending, argument that our phones are point-blank bad for us. That’s up to you to decide. For, of course, seeking fulfilment from online content is redundant, but this notion also extends to the real world; sex, drugs, excessive drinking, and, less obvious, over-exercise, shopping.

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