July 11, 2022 –  “I thought she shouldn’t be doing that. Who is this, this Amy Winehouse? I got to look her up. And then I started thinking more about it,” Jordan told host Dave Cobb. “If you listen close to it, it’s a plea, just kind of I’m going to listen to my daddy, I’m going to listen to this, I’m not quite ready to go. And I thought, you know what? That’s the real essence of recovery right there. That’s the essence of recovery. You can lead a horse to water. You can’t make them drink. You could take Amy Winehouse and put her in rehab, and if she’s not ready… So, but I just loved everything about that.”

Jordan explained that he couldn’t stop thinking about Winehouse’s music after hearing “Rehab” because “it resonates. It’s something from the past with her.” The actor also added that he and the gay community adored the late singer’s taste in fashion. “The gay boys loved her because of her style, that big old black beehive, like something from Ronnie Spector or something.