March 19, 2024 – The woman, who goes by the name Lakeview Living on TikTok, ignited the controversy after speaking with a teacher who related the issues that schools in their area are experiencing with the everyday baking ingredient/ Today, I was talking with one of my teacher friends and she was like, ‘Girl, trying to stay one step ahead of these kids is exhausting,’” the mom recalled, in a post that has spice-racked up 500,000 views in just days.

She said that an area school recently had conducted a “backpack check,” during which teachers found bottles of nutmeg in a couple of students’ bags. 

When the students were asked why they had the eggnog essential in their bags, they told teachers it was because they had “culinary class,” she explained. 

She said when a fellow teacher approached the culinary instructor about what they were making with the warming, seasonal spice, the teacher replied: “What are you talking about? We’re not making anything with nutmeg.”