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VIDEO Mayor Marty Walsh Talks Alcoholism in Democratic National Convention Speech 

Mayor Marty Walsh delivered his speech to the Democratic National Convention Monday night, and as promised, he shared his personal story of recovery from alcoholism, linking his sobriety to support from the American labor movement. Walsh has been sober since 1995, and his well-documented journey has helped define him as a politician and informed his takes on some of the hottest-button issues in Massachusetts right now…

Making A Difference

Message of Hope Touted in Walk for Addiction Recovery

Each of the messages eloquently gave purpose to Qwinn’s Walk for HOPE – named for 24-year-old Qwinn Ballard, who died April 26 from opiate pill misuse. More than 300 people endured 90-plus-degree heat and humidity to walk briskly from the Brackenridge gazebo to Tarentum pavilion, where at least 150 people were waiting to learn how they can help. Most wore orange T-shirts with the word HOPE in white. HOPE stands for Help Overdose Prevention with Education.”What we fear or hide, we cannot defeat. And what we tolerate, we cannot change. We need to quit being embarrassed, Addiction won’t go away by simply wishing it away.” 

Centre for Addiction and Mental Health Fined $80,000 After Violence  

TORONTO, ON – The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) has been fined $80,000 following a workplace violence incident where staff members were physically assaulted by a patient. On January 14, 2014 a registered practical nurse performing rounds on the night shift was attacked from behind by a patient. This patient had a history of violence and had not been following the prescribed medication plan. The first assault occurred in the hallway of a unit at the Queen Street facility and continued at a second location near the nursing station.

Back In the Saddle  VIDEO
Rodeo star Tyrell Smith embracing Sobriety VIDEO  

Tyrell Smith has a life that many Cowboys only dream of. He’s an NFR qualifier, a National circuit finalist and has the natural talent it takes to compete with the best in the world. So it might come as a surprise that two years ago he nearly lost it all. “I basically thought I was done rodeoing,” Smith said. “I couldn’t balance the cowboy party stereotype that for some reason in my younger days I wanted to be.” “In my opinion it shows that God is real and that he does care,” Tyrell said of his sobriety.”


All Paths Lead to None AUDIO
Finding sobriety outside of AA and NA  AUDIO  

When it comes to finding a pathway to helping an addict to recovery, most people and most courts think of Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. The popular view is that AA and NA are the only ways for someone to get clean and sober, and stay that way. But there are other options, organizations like SMART Recovery, LifeRing Secular Recovery and the Buddhist Recovery Network.  

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Dana Point Says It Won’t Drop Lawsuits against sober-living homes
Dana Point says it won’t drop lawsuits against sober-living homes  

DANA POINT – “The city’s lawsuit falsely alleges that Sovereign Health was operating an alcohol and drug abuse treatment facility in violation of state and local laws,” the July 5 statement said. “Dana Point’s filing clearly demonstrates that the city has insufficient understanding of California state licensing regulations.” Sovereign officials did not respond to requests for comment. The lawsuits, filed by the city June 22 in Orange County Superior Court, allege that sober-living homes Capo By the Sea – and Sovereign Health Group – are operating as drug abuse recovery and treatment facilities without state licenses … City officials said this week they are not backing off lawsuits that aim to shut down two Capistrano Beach sober-living houses…John T. Kahal, who owns the house on Azul and operates Capo By The Sea, also disputed the city’s lawsuit… He said patients receive treatment in his licensed treatment facility at another Capo Beach house or at two outpatient suites in the Ortega Business Center. 

The Heart of Texas
4th Annual University of North Texas Recovery Conference To Host Powerhouse Speakers  

Life of Purpose Treatment and The Office of Substance Misuse and Mental Health Recovery Research are excited to announce the University of North Texas Recovery Conference will be held for its fourth consecutive year featuring pioneer speakers…It is a national two-day event that brings together behavioral health professionals, educators, researchers, students and industry leaders.  September 21-22, 2016 at University of North Texas.

A New Song
Gucci Mane, Buff, Sober, Out of the Pen and Ready to Flow  

Perhaps no rapper has had more near-misses than Gucci Mane, now a decade and a half deep into a fits-and-starts career. He is one of hip-hop’s most prolific and admired artists, and also one of the least predictable … And so, his legacy secure, Gucci can focus on himself – for now, a homebound life of sobriety (with random drug tests), followed by three years of similarly scrutinized probation, according to a spokesman for the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

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Detroit Muscle, A Novel by Jeff Vande Zande  

Jeff Vande Zande’s new novel, Detroit Muscle, tells the story of Robby Cooper, a 20-year-old OxyContin addict just out of rehab and trying to put his life back together. Wanting to make amends with the people he has hurt with his addiction, he’s up against a pregnant ex-girlfriend who wants nothing to do with him and a threatening loan shark who wants his money back immediately. Robby’s transformation only begins to happen when he agrees to a road trip across Michigan with his grandfather in a ’68 Firebird.

GOP  Shortchanged Drug Treatment & Overdose Prevention

President Barack Obama was lauded for enacting a law that pledges to do more to protect drug-dependent newborns by… Democrat Lisa McCormick, who said, “the war on drugs has failed to solve America’s substance abuse problems and it is far past the time to try a different approach. (CARA) also stresses drug treatment and overdose prevention to help curtail the nation’s heroin and opioid drug epidemic… GOP lawmakers failed to put money where their mouth is. “Until lawmakers fund this program, CARA is like a life preserver without any air in it,” McCormick said. “I join President Obama in calling for Republicans to finish the job by adequately funding America’s response to this public health crisis.”


Moderation is the Key
Alcohol: Deadlier Than You Think

If you’ve recently had a drink, we have some terrible news for you. The study, published Thursday in the scientific journal Addiction, consists of a major review of 10 years’ worth of studies from several organizations, including the World Cancer Research Fund, the American Institute for Cancer Research and the International Agency for Research on Cancer. And its conclusions are dire.

Singing A Blues Song
Demi Lovato describes how addiction almost ruined her and Nick Jonas

Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas have been through a lot – both separately and together. They’ve had their ups, their downs, a friendship breakup, and a friendship reunion. Fortunately, in spite of their tumultuous history, Nick and Demi’s friendship has only grown stronger. “I distanced myself as I was getting involved with self-destructive things,” Demi told Billboard, referring to the time when she had to part from the 2010 Jonas Tour before it was over. This premature split occurred because Demi was struggling with mental illness and addiction…

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Johanna O’Flaherty, PhD 

Her doctorate in clinical psychology is from Pacifica Graduate Institute

Go Make a Movie
REEL Recovery Film Festival 

is a social, educational, networking and recovery forum showcasing first-time filmmakers and experienced professionals who make films about addiction and recovery. Our audience is treatment professionals, people in recovery, members of the entertainment industry, media representatives, educated moviegoers & the general public.

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??? INQUIRY ???
An Open Letter to SHATTERPROOF from Burl Barer  

Dear Shatterproof,
We recently received your latest fund-raising promotion titled, “Stay Dry in July”. After reading it with great interest, we would appreciate clarification on a few key points.
Your literature states:
Every dollar you raise will help us provide evidence-based resources, work with elected officials to strengthen laws, and support all Americans who’ve been touched by this disease.”

* What exactly do you mean by “Evidence Based Resources?”

* “What specific laws do you want strengthened and why?

* How exactly do you plan to “support” all Americans who have been touched by this disease?

* Lastly, your primary stated goal is to ‘end addiction.’

Are you God? Or Sisyphus?  

Sober as a Judge
Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation Has New Legal Professionals Director

Kevin Chandler, a licensed attorney and board certified alcohol and drug counselor, has focused his clinical work on treating professionals who face unique challenges as a result of their public profiles or reputations, work-related stress and a high investment in education and credentialing. “I know first-hand the unique struggles that legal professionals experience in the recovery process,” Chandler said. “The legal community very much needs this program, and I’m proud to be part of it.” Chandler is also the author of The Lawyer’s Light, a book of daily meditations for attorneys published by ABA Publishing.

All In The Family
Balthazar Getty: Surviving an Affair, Addiction and His Family’s Legacy  

“It’s no secret that my father and grandfather had major drug addiction problems, and addiction runs rampant in many families,” he says. “If you add wealth and celebrity on top of that, it can be lethal.” He found himself taking “too many” drugs, pushing the boundaries and repeating his mistakes. He says he would try anything “just to elevate” himself. “A lot of people do drugs and alcohol to self-medicate,” he adds. “For me it was about the search for higher consciousness.”  

Smile Time
A Mother Honors Her Late Son by Helping Addicts Have a Little Fun  

Eve Goldberg was walking around Tribeca with her son, Isaac Goldberg Volkmar, a few years ago looking for a place to eat. That doesn’t sound like a challenge, except that Mr. Volkmar, who would be 26 years old now, had a history of substance abuse. In fact, he was residing in a sober-living home … Since Mr. Volkmar died of an accidental opioid overdose in January 2014, at the age of 23, his mother has dedicated herself to helping people like her son beat their addictions. She’s doing so by using a common-sense though perhaps slightly subversive philosophy: Give them opportunities to have more fun.

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Requiem for a Winner

Hubert “Cubby” Selby Jr. (July 23, 1928 – April 26, 2004) was an American writer. His best-known novels are Last Exit to Brooklyn (1964) and Requiem for a Dream (1978), exploring worlds in the New York area. Both novels were adapted later as films, and he appeared in small roles in each. Falling ill with tuberculosis while at sea in 1947 and treated in New York, Selby became dependent on painkillers and later heroin. Although an addict, he was sober for much of his life (his 1976 novel The Demon is dedicated to Bill Wilson, one of the founders of AA). Nevertheless, his experiences doubtless fuelled his project.

Strong Alliances Help
Recovery Centers of America Joins Wicked Sober’s Network of Rehabilitation Centers  

“RCA shares our vision of offering treatment in an environment conducive to recovery,” says Mike Duggan, certified intervention professional and founder of Wicked Sober. “Addiction is a chronic illness, and too many facilities in the field attempt to treat it acutely by stabilizing patients and releasing them with no follow up care. The clinical team at RCA understands the importance of the entire continuum of care, including case management services and long-term patient follow up to ensure the best chances of meaningful recovery.”

Machete This  VIDEO
Danny Trejo, Sober For 46 Years, Talks About Jail And Turning His Life Around  VIDEO  

“I was fighting all my life,” says Danny Trejo. The actor tells AARP The Magazine about his wild youth and how he got his big break in Hollywood. The actor and champion boxer has been sober for 46 years and finds great joy in helping others. Take a look at the video below to see his full story.

Dying Again

His poems speak to disease he battled for years

Jason Davenport, left, and his brother, Jamie Davenport. “I would always imagine someday that we’d grow old together,” Jamie said. “Now that won’t happen … Jason Davenport loved to write, and he was good at it. During the brief stretches of sobriety in his 30-year struggle with drug addiction, he often said he wanted to get back to writing poetry … In a series called Lost to Addiction, the Times profiles a Cape Codder who has died from opioid abuse. From 2000 to 2015,  

Pay Off? AUDIO
Maryland Switches Opioid Treatments: Patients Cry Foul AUDIO

So at the recommendation of the Department of Corrections, along with a panel that advises the state’s Medicaid program on medications, officials decided to replace the Suboxone strip with Zubsolv, made by a Swedish company called Orexo AB. The choice is raising eyebrows because Maryland’s health secretary Van Mitchell used to work for Manis Canning & Associates, the lobbying firm that represents Orexo. Mitchell’s spokeswoman says he left the firm before Orexo became a client.

Radio On Demand AUDIO
Healing the Child Within: Noah Rothschild on “The Real Deal with Danielle Delaney”

Noah Rothschild will speak with Danielle Delaney about his own personal history and background, including his specializing in helping clients to remove emotional mental blocks that are perpetuating their cycle of addiction and how he empowers them to live their best lives. Noah will discuss his holistic approach, involving 4 key components that will be dissected and talked about in detail … Danielle is the President and Founder and CEO of a prolific sober companion business…


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