Someone over the rainbow –  

Dec. 27, 2020 – Though Garland’s mother and father didn’t have a good relationship, her father was more emotionally supportive of her than her mother. And in 1935, Garland’s father unexpectedly died after contracting meningitis.

Without her father around, Garland’s relationship with her mom became even more tense. Though she signed a deal with MGM to further her career, the lack of support led Garland down the path toward drugs. There were reports that Garland’s mother gave her pills when she was only 10, and by the time she was in her late teen years, she was dependent on them. There were rumors that Garland had tried to take her own life several times prior to her death. The actress’ struggles with drug addiction ultimately led to her death; it was ruled a suicide caused by barbiturates. Garland’s mother seemingly never cared about her future; without her father in the picture, Garland received little guidance, eventually leading to her dependency, and later to her death.



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