May 9, 2022 – “She develops leadership skills that help young women find their voice and encourages them to make a difference in their communities and among their peer,” stated Busler.

Galloway took the time to form specific youth advisory boards made of young people who have a say in programming and services. She is one of the founding members of the Ohio Youth Led Prevention Network’s Adult Advisory Council. This council helped to establish a statewide youth prevention network and implement the annual “We Are the Majority” rally. High school students from across the state march in support of a drug-free lifestyle. “As a young person I had adults in my life who helped me through difficult times” said Galloway. “I love to see the growth of young people. I love watching them get excited about making a positive impact on their peers. I also feel it is really important to appreciate their time and energy that they give to this community. I think as adults we often overlook the good that young people do.”


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