Sept 8, 2021 – Read on for stories of “Intervention” stars who sadly died. Chris Brady featured in Season 6 of “Intervention.” The 34-year-old was in the full throes of alcoholism — barely able to function and incapable of holding down a job, the Delaware native would reach for a vodka bottle the moment he awoke to stop the tremors caused by alcohol withdrawal while he slept.  Chris’ intervention resulted in him entering a California treatment center. “I just feel good about life in general,” he said following 90 days of sobriety. “… I think there’s nothing but hope for our relationship and our future,” Chris added upon returning home to his partner. “It can only be better.” 

However, in August 2009, the reality TV star relapsed and, tragically, died by suicide. “His addiction was very, very powerful, unfortunately,”

Brittany Christine Howard’s addiction battle aired during Season 15 of “Intervention.” The 27-year-old from Derby, Kansas was dependent on both heroin and meth. As Brittany’s addiction grew in strength, her life became increasingly chaotic and destructive, tearing her already fractured family apart as they struggled to deal with the fallout. Adding to the turmoil, Brittany’s father, Leslie, was also using, and the two developed a damaging codependency as they partied together.

During Brittany’s intervention, Leslie agreed to enter treatment if it meant she would, too. In the end, they both headed for rehab — in separate facilities.

Leslie managed to maintain his sobriety, but sadly, his daughter relapsed just two days after leaving treatment. Brittany died of a heroin overdose on August 20, 2016. “Addiction has claimed yet another life. Brittany was a 27-year-old fun, outgoing and bubbly person. She was taken from us too soon,” read the GoFundMe that was started to cover funeral expenses. 

Taylor Nichole Bitter was one of several featured in “Intervention: The Heroin Triangle.” “The first time I tried heroin … it was like all my problems had just washed right down the drain,” Taylor explained. She worked as an exotic dancer to finance her “gram-a-day” habit. Her mom, Katherine, admitted to being “in a constant state of fear” about her daughter.

Taylor walked out of her intervention. “I want to be left alone,” she pleaded, before ultimately returning to the room again. Despite strongly resisting at first, Taylor eventually agreed to rehab. “I feel such a sense of hope,” Katherine admitted. “A weight has been lifted.” Taylor returned home after treatment, and said, “I never thought I would feel emotions again. I never thought I would feel like the old me again.” However, in January 2018, Taylor sadly died from acute asthmatic asphyxiation.


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