Wonder Woman –

May 17, 2019 – “I realized how difficult life is for someone (who uses drugs) and how difficult it is for their family, and the lack of resources and support,” she said. “It broke my heart my partner couldn’t tell me the truth about his (drug) use.”Hartman has been offering supplies through Point to Point for about a year, and she’s noticed that some people are reluctant to accept services, especially when they ask her about the legality of the program.

While there is no statewide law authorizing syringe exchanges, Hartman has an agreement with Kane County authorities to run her program, as current law allows. Syringe exchange programs that include a research component are also allowed. (Hartman’s program, in fact, is involved in a research program associated with the Chicago Recovery Alliance.) Dan Rabbitt, health policy leader at Heartland Alliance, says the current law is “a little ambiguous.”

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