They shall reap what they sow –

May 14, 2019 – “Even when Purdue knew people were addicted and dying, Purdue treated patients and their doctors as ‘targets’ to sell more drugs,” the suit says. “Tragically, each part of Purdue’s campaign of deception earned the company more money, and caused more addiction and death.” Shapiro claims in the suit that Purdue supervisors urged sales staff to “focus on the geriatric population.” The company also set up a website called, which “deceptively assured veterans that Purdue’s opioids are not addictive.”

The lawsuit also chronicles numerous cases in which Purdue sales reps allegedly continued to push the drugs after becoming aware that doctors might be over-prescribing them. In one case, according to the suit, a doctor told a Purdue employee that “there is a big abuse problem for oxy(contin) and maybe the best thing for him would be if they took his license away.”

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