Searching for a Better Life –

September 10, 2018 – “I tried to overdose about a week ago,” he says. “And I just woke up like five hours later and the needle was in my arm, and I just woke up and was like, ‘well, didn’t die, so … Now what?’ … “It’s taken about three years for Dextraze to get to this point. He started using prescription painkillers recreationally, then switched to heroin because it was less expensive and easier to get. He lost his car, his job. He left his wife, his three kids. At 36 years old he’s shuffling between staying with his father in Massachusetts and his mother in New Hampshire. Every day he focuses on panhandling to get money to buy drugs so he won’t be sick from withdrawing from opioid use. Walking the streets of Dover, New Hampshire, in July, Dextraze is so dope sick he can barely focus.

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