Dramatic Alcoholism 

SEP 04, 2018 –  Netflix dropped the trailer for Season 5 of BoJack Horseman this morning, teasing the series’ return on September 14. Starring Will Arnett, the Netflix original premiered in 2014, and follows a former TV star’s struggle with addiction and mental illness in a bleak but moving dark comedy about life after fame has passed. Season 4 of the show gave BoJack fans a rare and wonderful catharsis by providing not only a celebration of resilience, but also an uncharacteristically optimistic final note. BoJack sent his half-sister Hollyhock to connect with her estranged mother, and as she refers to him as “brother,” he basks in the feeling of perhaps finally having a real family, after years of neglect and abuse from his parents. He’s also seemingly given a second chance at working steadily, as his agent Princess Carolyn (Amy Sedaris) closes a deal on a new show called “Philbert” with BoJack as the lead. The new trailer makes it clear, however, that his road to happiness will not be easy.

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