Jan. 19, 2023 –  Existential tension can be thought of as a resistance to being here on earth, incarnated into lives filled with threats, hostile forces, violence and unexpected and uncontrollable changes. So many of the thoughts we have in our minds originate from this existential tension accumulated within our root chakras. However, meditation – especially root chakra-based meditations like the Walking Meditation or Body Scan – heal and relieve this existential tension, and when they do, voilà! The mind grows quiet. … When your mind isn’t quiet, I fully give you permission to break up with your thoughts. Why? Because they are not you. The “thinking machine” may have originated as a useful survival mechanism, but today it only produces worry and anxiety, keeping us trapped in constant movement toward fixing something. Instead, sit for meditation, and try as much as possible to externalize this stream of thoughts. Imagine that it is not happening within your head, but rather around you, like birds chirping in a nearby tree.


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