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Oct. 2020 – Jim joined Matt Austin and Ginger Gadsden from his Fort Lauderdale home for this week’s edition of Florida’s Fourth Estate to talk about being in recovery for 32 years now, and what it took to get him there to begin with.

Jim says he knows during the pandemic that people with addictions are suffering.

He said people who suffer from addiction or mental illness are fragile.

“Recovery is connection. It’s love. It’s friendship,” he said. “Addiction is the opposite. It’s isolation. It’s loneliness. It’s depression. We’ve been forced into a depressive state.”

In a pandemic, when you’re forced to isolate, he says it has done a number on many who turn drugs and alcohol for escape.

He encourages those struggling to reach out and not be ashamed to ask for help.

At the age of 22, Jim found himself in prison for the second time for breaking into a police officer’s home.



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