WATCH – Not skating the issue… – 

Dec. 20, 2020 – She said: ‘I don’t drink or do drugs … I used to have a frozen yogurt addiction!’; seen recently on Instagram for an appearance on Conan.

Heather also spilled her secrets to getting a good night’s sleep, revealing that she can get under her covers and sleep for 12 hours a night.

‘I adore sleeping. I could easily sleep 12-plus hours a night,’ Graham said.

Heather, who is now in the fifth decade of her acting career, also revealed what she thinks she would have done as a job if she hadn’t become an actress. I love psychology!’ she said. ‘If I wasn’t an actress, I think I would be a good therapist … My friends call me “the intrepid reporter” because I love asking people a ton of questions about themselves.’ 

On the acting front, the star has three projects in the works. 

One is the pilot for a television series, titled The Hypnotist’s Love Story.

The other two are feature films, one a western called The Last Son.  



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