Oct. 18, 2022 – Upon leaving rehab and becoming “completely sober for the first time in ages,” Felton said he “had an overwhelming sense of clarity and anger,” screamed and burst into tears, all while being “muddy, wet, disheveled and broken.”

That night, he encountered three men — an elderly gas station cashier, an Uber driver and a Barney’s bouncer — whom he refers to “as my three kings,” because they each showed him an act of kindness on his odyssey to the bar and his overall journey toward sobriety.

“I’d spent the night searching for my way back home, and I’d come to the realization that I wasn’t there yet,” he wrote. “The intervention had been upsetting. It had angered and confused me. But I was beginning to understand that it came from the right place and I needed to seek some help. I was going to do it for myself.”

He soon tried another rehab facility in “the California countryside” that helped bring back the “rigorous structure” he had thrived on as a child actor. But, he revealed, he was unceremoniously kicked out after being found in a girl’s room.