Sept. 20, 2021 – “ My aunt jumped off Niagra Falls and died when she was in her twenties. She was such a badass hippie activist: she told me no matter if it takes a couple hours, days, months, years; no matter how long it takes, things are going to get better. To keep on trucking: hang on tight for the good times ‘cause the future holds surprises that you have no clue about.”

Thus Keep On Truckin’ is flush with gentle support, soul-baring confessions designed to comfort, and the kind of ‘fuck it’ attitude that Surfbort’s live shows and Dani’s Instagram have in spades. “So many times I wanted to give up. So many times I was like ‘I’m done’. Existing is batshit crazy, but the good times are magical. I want everyone to feel supported even in strange times” they tell me, spilling over with enthusiasm for a newly-recharged philosophy for life. It’s a hopeful, ‘c’est la vie’ attitude that runs through Keep On Truckin’. “Happiness is on its way” Dani sings on the sweet ‘Open Your Eyes’, “Nothing’s going my way today, but it’s okay” she assures on ‘Life’s a Joke’. On the most wholeheartedly therapeutic song ‘Never Nude’, she tells us “everything’s shit but please don’t quit today”. Dani expands on the song: “I wanted to send little messages. When I feel super alone, what do I want to hear? I wanted to be like ‘yo, it you don’t have a lover it’s okay.’ Society makes it so you have to have a lover, but it’s like, no! You can just jack off and watch movies and find love in other ways”.


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