Sept. 8, 2023 – The inaugural retreat is scheduled for this month, marking a significant milestone in the provision of legal psilocybin services at Moksha Journeys and Omnia Group Ashland. Openings are available for individuals and small groups in the upcoming programs starting in October. The journey begins with a complimentary consultation with a facilitator to better understand your requirements and the program specifics. “We are excited to begin to explore the benefits of psilocybin as a part of addiction recovery. Clinical  studies conducted to date are confirming that pairing psilocybin with recovery programs could prove  to be an effective strategy to break the entrenched cycles of substance use disorders,” said Moulin Franco. The Oregon legal psilocybin program centers on supported adult use and is not a medical  program. Moulin-Franco noted that the recovery retreats are not treatment centers. “They offer our  guests the opportunity to experience psilocybin with the support of our trained facilitators in the safety  and security of a licensed facility, and through our partnership with Nexus, guests receive counseling, holistic wellness services, and community building in a retreat setting.”