Jan. 29, 2024 – “It will have 240 beds and an intake for detox.” Unlike many facilities, this center has no time frame for how long a person can stay.  “We want people to get healthy on their own terms, but there will be rules to follow,” County Commissioner of District B, Marilyn Kirkpatric added. Working in healthcare, I’ve been in the ER and I’ve seen patients in and out so I think it’s good that Clark County is doing something to help because it is moving drastically,” Cecilia Velasco said. 

“I look at this as a positive that they are investing some money into some research and helping the community out on this type of crisis,” Josh Delosier shared. “It’s sad to see, but it’s become the norm.”

The county will start its own Opiate Task Force this year which will include 15 members who review data relating to opioid overdose fatalities and identify opportunities for prevention to promote recovery.