Feb. 12, 2024 – Ashleigh Anderson, 41-year-old died after suffering a heart attack during her shift at CVS in 2021.  Anderson was the only pharmacist on duty the day she collapsed. First responders could not resuscitate her, and she was later pronounced dead at a local hospital. “Maybe circumstances have given me a jaded view, but I think this ‘internal’ memo was created by CVS’ public relations team to be viewed by the public,” Anderson told FOX Business.  

In the memo, CVS Chief Pharmacy Officer Prem Shah said the company was saddened by the 41-year-old’s death, and the company had been making investments to create a “positive work environment” ever since, including enhancing technology to support patient safety, introducing digital innovations to help balance workload, and increasing wages. 

However, Larry Anderson noted that the memo came almost two and a half years after his daughter’s death, underscoring how it was “nothing more than its attempt at damage control given the bad press that they have gotten.”