April 28, 2021 – A former police dog in Australia has rocked TikTok with the reminder that law enforcement is never off duty after the pup’s concerned reaction to hearing the word “cocaine” went viral. Davey Rutherford recently lit up the internet by rattling off a shopping list to his German shepherd Dante in a quick clip – and filmed the dog’s reaction to the name of the drug.  “Just kidding,” Rutherford joked, captioning the clip “Sniffer dog knows English.”

The footage, first posted in March, has since been viewed over 2.6 million times on TikTok, and recently made the rounds again on Twitter, too. Commenters were charmed by Dante’s quick instincts and thanked the dog for his service.”We don’t joke about such things in this house,” one TikToker imaged Dante telling his owner.

“Sir that’s illegal,” another teased.



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