Oct. 3, 2021 – Justin traces his story back to his teenage years when he was a successful 100m athlete – he holds the record in Suffolk to this day.

When he quit running at 19 and went to university, Justin “d iscovered a large void in life”, which he filled with drink and drugs.

He went on to work for 15 years in bars and nightclubs followed by 10 years in restaurants.

“I’ve managed to cleverly position myself in an atmosphere where it was acceptable to be a party animal,” said Justin, a recovering alcoholic.

“I led a very hedonistic lifestyle for those 25 years.” Despite being very successful in what he did, it all caught up with Justin and he found himself on the streets, unable to work.

He realised he was going to be homeless and rented a garage, which was all he could afford.

Every morning he left at 6am so the owner wouldn’t see him living there, and the only place open was the gym – which was where a few months later he met Natalie.

Today, he calls the garage days “the best of my life”.

He thinks of his six months there as his rehab and it was during that time that he realised he was done with alcohol for good.

“When you realise that the relief is off the scale,” he said.

“Every morning I would jump out of bed – I say bed but it was sleeping bag and cardboard – but my passion for life was completely reignited.”


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