Sept. 12, 2023 – Zanna is a low-rent South Florida outfit with almost no market share, putting everyone—including wannabe COO Pete Brenner (Evans)—in dire straits. All that changes, however, when Pete visits a local strip club and meets Liza Drake (Blunt), a dancer with a preternatural gift for reading people and convincing them to do her bidding. By the end of the night, Pete offers her a job.

This stroke of luck couldn’t come at a better time for Liza, whose adolescent daughter Phoebe (Chloe Coleman) has just been suspended from school for igniting a forest fire with illegal fireworks, and whose sister wants them both to clean up their act and move out of her garage. Desperate, Liza takes Pete up on his proposal, and her sales background and go-getter attitude so impress him that he falsifies her resumé and introduces her to Dr. Jack, who’s charmed and quickly puts her on the payroll, much to the chagrin of Pete’s office rival Brent (Jay Duplass). Liza is given one week to “invent a doctor,” by which Pete means convince a shady physician to write a single Lonafen prescription and, in doing so, get him on their proverbial team. That’s harder than it seems, although thanks to a last-second meeting with a pain management physician (Brian d’Arcy James)—known as “The $9 Million Man” because of his unscrupulous work with other pharma outfits—Liza accomplishes her mission and sets herself and Zanna on a course to the stratosphere.