Feb. 27, 2023 – “Let’s say they have four friends, then suddenly we’re up to 20-30 young people taking them. And that’s just the ones we know about,” Ekmann said in an interview with Danish broadcaster TV2.

According to Danish reports last year, the problem was even prevalent among children as young as 12 in the country’s western municipalities.

They buy opioid pills either directly on the street, or through social media such as Snapchat and Tiktok. Experts say more youths in Denmark are abusing opioids because they take the pills both to get high and to cope with anxiety.

“A large number of studies indicate that many young people are unhappy, are under pressure and do not feel good enough. For some of them, it can soothe those feelings,” Torben Vangsted, an addiction consultant at the Odense Drug Centre, told TV 2.