March 25, 2024 – “Administration of Naloxone is indicative that the individual experiencing fentanyl or other opioid overdose has an addiction to opioids and, therefore, should require treatment for their addiction,”  “This straightforward addition would help those who have ceded their agency to a substance.” SPOKANE, Wash. — An amendment addressing overdoses in Spokane, specifically relating to fentanyl and the opiate crisis, was introduced during Monday’s city council meeting. 

The original resolution was drafted by Council Member Paul Dillon and cosponsored by Council Member Bingle. Council Member Bingle introduced the amendment, calling on Governor Inslee to declare a state of emergency for the fentanyl crisis.

The amendment includes requests for the following: 

Washington Legislature to partner with the governor to provide rapid responses during an overdose. 

The Spokane Regional Health District to add fentanyl overdoses to the list of fentanyl abuse as a notifiable condition.

For reporting on overdoses from Spokane Fire Department and Spokane Police Department.