Canada Dry – 

January 31, 2020 – Anne Elizabeth works at the house for nineteen years. She started as a worker with pathological gamblers. “I started at the bottom of the ladder, so to speak, and then we started the prevention program. In fact, I was pregnant, I went on maternity leave, and when my director has established this program that greatly interested me, I negotiated with him to work there part time during my leave. I swear: between feedings, I would run a workshop in a school while my baby was only a few months. I wanted so much to experience! He believed that I would more after I leave, my resume intervener post, but I had promised him and that’s what I did. But shortly after, he said he needed someone to coordinate the program and he offered me the job. That’s how I started as a framework for the Maison Jean Lapointe, “she says.



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