It’s Complicated – 

Jan. 2020 – In fact, the film more greatly resembles what we see in America today, where some are thriving but the poor and middle class are being squeezed to the point of despair. While op-ed pages issued cautions about “Joker” and its potential to provoke the darkest forces in our society, a few clearer-minded writers saw the film’s true intentions straight out of the gate. “Even after the early accusations that it was a film liable to incite violence proved unjust,” Gleiberman notes, “it was demonstrated beyond doubt that the movie spoke to humans of every gender, race and age group.

“In an alternate universe, Phillips’ slow-burn anti-comicbook spectacle would be the [Academy Award] frontrunner, and not just because it has the most nominations. It’s the movie that touched the most electrifying chord with audiences.”



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