Jan. 11, 2024 – He’s also been to jail and to rehab, and won a national title wearing a court mandated ankle bracelet after not surfing for almost two years. Today, Zeke’s still sober and surfing–a lot. “Meet The Surfer Who Went From Prison to Landing The Craziest Airs in Surfing!

“When you think of an adrenaline junkie who lives life ‘off the chain,’ Jacob Szekely aka ‘Zeke’ embodies that. From freeway surfing to sending acid drops off the bluff at Steamer Lane to booking spontaneous trips to surf the best waves around the world, he lives a lifestyle of all gas, no brakes. 

“Establishing his reputation in the surf industry as the first surfer to ever land a Superman Finger Flip, he has since been raising the bar for what can be done on a surfboard. 

“In this video you can expect vlog/interview style content that discusses how Zeke got his jaw broken in two places, his thoughts on localism, the craziest airs he’s landed in surfing, and more!