Sept. 7, 2021 – The study did not research how cannabis affects heart health, Ladha said, but he noted that previous research showed the drug can affect a user’s heart rate. 

When someone’s heart rate becomes irregular, it can increase the amount of oxygen the heart needs, Ladha explained. At the same time, cannabis can also limit the amount of oxygen delivered to the heart, he added.

“What you end up having is this mismatch of oxygen supply and demand which fundamentally leads to heart attacks,” Ladha said. Cannabis sold on the market today is also much more potent than cannabis sold in the past 50 years, said Robert Page, chair of the American Heart Association scientific statement on cannabis. Page was not involved in the study.

“This isn’t what your granddaddy used to smoke at Woodstock; this is highly potent,” he said.

Many people are not aware that cannabis can have negative interactions with other medications, Page added.



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