Feb. 29, 2021 – “On my 49th birthday, I woke up in Butte County Jail again,” shared Sullivan. “I was clean, there are a lot of drugs in jail I was clean at that moment. That is what started my recovery.”

Sullivan explained she had no outside skills to return to a clean life after jail, but that time was different.

“AB 109 called me up they put me on an ankle monitor and released me to a rehab to Salvation Army, so that gave me a chance and I decided to run with it,” said Sullivan. 

The single mom of four lost her home in the Camp Fire, which displaced her and her sons. Then about a year and a half later, because of COVID-19, she got laid off from her part-time job through the county. She says losing her job gave her time to go back to school.

“It has been really hard, I was assaulted in the FEMA trailer like nine months after the fire. So that sent me into a tailspin, I haven’t done it because of my kinds, but honestly, I have sat and cried in my room on many occasions,” said Sullivan. 



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