Feb. 25, 2022 – Having grown up familiar with alcoholism, binge-drinking and using recovery coaches in her own life, Joanne wanted to add to the chain of recovery by forming a specialised programme for struggling women.

Joanne spoke with MyDerry to discuss her own experience with alcohol and establishing the Sober Coach. 

She said: “ I’ve gone through my own journey in relation to alcohol where I struggled with binge drinking. On a night out, I was never a one or two kind of person and I drank to get drunk.

“Having grown up with alcoholism at home, I knew the dangers of alcohol and where it could lead.Towards the end of my drinking, I was experiencing blackouts, hangovers which were awful and could last for days and my mental health was getting worse.

“I ‘dabbled’ in living an alcohol-free life since 2013 until 2018 when I finally decided that I was better without.

“I worked with recovery coaches to help me on the journey. I knew that I wanted to help others and therefore began my journey to becoming a Certified Recovery Coach and created The Sober Coach.” The Sober Coach specialises in helping female clients, as Joanne felt that the life balance that often comes in a woman’s life can provide a unique path into relying on alcohol to blur out the pressure.

Joanne stressed that, of course, her services are open to male clients as well.