Hey, the women are smarter – 

June 18,  2020 – Her life started to turn around June 17, 2018. That was the day Rochelle stopped using drugs and alcohol. Now two years later, she is sober, happy and continuing to improve her mental and physical health. 

Rochelle will soon be in her final phase of AIM court, which includes going to therapy and continuing to work on relapse prevention.

She encourages others in a similar situation to the one she was in years ago to seek out the resources the county has, such as AIM court, recovery court or veteran’s court. She also said there’s plenty of support groups on social media, and it helps to have people in their corner.

Rochelle said getting that help and choosing to be sober is something you have to commit yourself to, but slip ups and relapses along the way are part of the path to a healthier life.      


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